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I'm Avrion

An entrepreneur, artist, and a designer with an aesthetic sense. Born and raised in Kansas City influenced by creatives in her family from every generation! You have seen her on various platforms being from USA Today, PBS, KMBC 9 News and as of 09.2021 being Midwest Emmy Nominated!

She'll be the first to admit being your rebellious creative of everyday artifacts is not easy task, yet so rewarding! Maybe you have been looking and shopping around to find the perfect piece, you have it in your mind but not physically able to find it, or you've just accepted that I'll manage with the "traditional look." Everything that Avrion gets a chance to get her hands on is sure to be a conversation starter on you or in your space. 
When purchasing from Avrion, you obtain a unique expression from her inner thoughts and everyday life! You also build a personal relationship that aides in creating your tailored luxury item(s). No matter which hat she wears on the creative spectrum, always remember "Her Life is Her Art" meaning she will always put her best foot forward when creating for you! 
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