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Thank you for choosing DesignsbyAvrion for your custom home decor needs as well as creative services. I just want to reintegrate business policies, due to the nature of each product being custom made as a one of a kind original for each product created no refunds will be allowed upon purchase. Refunds will only be accepted if there is a defect in the item within the shipping process and pictures are provided. Furthermore after your reveal day of your product you have 24 hours to inform if the finished product is not to your liking, it is at that point discussion will take place on how to fix the product or create a new custom piece to your liking. If not informed within the 24 hour grace period the artist is no longer responsible for fixing the situation. DesignsbyAvrion takes pride in creating for each of you in a timely fashion as well as providing quality that is made from the heART

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